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ARE NOT IS / Tee Wash Milan Ribs Knit Tee

ARE NOT IS / Tee Wash Milan Ribs Knit Tee

-This knit T-shirt is made from washi yarn, which is made by splitting pulp, the raw material for washi paper, into slits in Japan, mixing it with polyester fibers, and twisting it while retaining the benefits of paper.

Washi yarn has a dry touch like linen and is comfortable against the skin, so it is cool to wear even in high summer, and is light and stress-free to wear without being itchy like linen.

-The Milanese rib is made with countless eyelets (holes) to add breathability, and the design allows the color of the layered inner layer to peek out. Washi yarn also has excellent temperature regulating properties, so it can be layered and worn comfortably even in the season when it is easy to get stuffy.

-The icon @ mark patch is attached in a loose position on the chest.

-Material: Washi 42% / Pe58%

*Size 2: Length 68cm / Shoulder width 60cm /Bust 136cm / Hem width 128cm / Sleeve length 57cm

    Color: Black
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