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ARE NOT IS / Layered Check Combi Boucle Vest

ARE NOT IS / Layered Check Combi Boucle Vest

-A combination V-neck vest with a textured bouclé sweatshirt and an authentic check.

-It can be worn as a vest by layering it with a T-shirt, or sleeveless by layering it with a tank top, and the deep V-neck allows it to be worn over a hoodie.

-The design incorporates the mysterious layering that was seen by chance based on the visuals created by AI.The front part is made of layered checkered fabric, the hem is also layered, and the slit on the side has the theme "Chiguhagunami". -As an expression of "completion", the thread of the ring is left uncut.

-The previous pattern is an authentic black watch and glen check, so it is recommended as a basic pair.

-Outer material: Pe 49% C 42% Ny 9%

-Different fabric: C100%

*Size1: Length: 69.5cm /Shoulder width: 53cm / Bust: 125cm / Hem width: 123cm *Size 2: Length: 72cm / Shoulder width: 56cm / Bust: 130cm / Hem width: 128cm

    Color: Black
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