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ARE NOT IS / Fluffy WASHI Eyelet Knit Polo

ARE NOT IS / Fluffy WASHI Eyelet Knit Polo

-The pulp, which is the raw material for washi paper, is made in Japan by being cut into slits, mixed with polyester fibers, and twisted while retaining the advantages of paper.One thread is made of washi paper, and the other is two strands of wool thread that is fluffy and feels good to the touch. A knit border polo with eyelet (hole) knitting.

-The addition of molle thread gives it a soft finish, while leaving just the right amount of crispness for a cool finish.

-You can wear it as a polo with the buttons closed all the way to the top, or leave it open as the collar has a deep slit.

-The opening in the back lets the color of the inner layer show through, and the length is short, so you can enjoy the balanced styling typical of arenotis by layering it.

-Material: Japanese paper 27% Pe 73%

*Size 1: Length: 64cm / Shoulder width: 61cm / Bust: 127cm /Hem width: 83cm / Sleeve length: 55cm

*Size 2: Length: 66cm / Shoulder width: 64cm / Bust: 132cm /Hem width: 88cm / Sleeve length: 56.5cm

    Color: Beige Brown
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