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ANCELLM / Uneven Paint Coverall

ANCELLM / Uneven Paint Coverall

-Duck coveralls were produced.

-Both colors were processed from white.

-Paint and peel, paint and peel.

-The aim was to achieve a depth as if the paint had been repeatedly applied and peeled off,

The test was repeated quite a number of times and finally completed.

-It is very exciting that not all of them have the same peel.

-The stitch widths are all made narrower,

It gives a good sense of discomfort,

-The processing is very good.

-Because it is a simple design, elements in the design.

-Please take a look at the actual product, which has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail.

-Material:Cotton 100%

*Size 1: Length 75cm / Shoulder 57.7cm / Width 65.5cm / Sleeve 59cm

*Size 2: Length 77cm / Shoulder 59.7cm /Width 67.5cm / Sleeve 60.5cm

    Color: Navy
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