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ANCELLM / Paint Chino Trousers

ANCELLM / Paint Chino Trousers

-Tucked trousers made of chino.

-If you use regular chlorine bleach, the black will turn orange, but

-These pants use special technology to reduce only the tone.

-It creates a faded atmosphere.

-From there, I applied more paint to ensure that it didn't end up looking rough.

-The sex appeal was adjusted in the final stage to make the colors easy to match.

-The waist area is a little slimmer than the previous chino,

-By incorporating the pattern method used for dress pants,

-We have completed a piece that has a well-balanced, yet elegant atmosphere and a beautiful silhouette.

-Made in Japan

-Material: Cotton 100%

*Size 2: Waist 86cm / Rise 32.5cm/ Inseam 95cm / Thigh 36.3cm/ Hem 24.7cm

*Size 3: Waist 90cm / Rise 33cm / Inseam 71cm / Inseam 37.3cm / Hem 25.7cm

    HK$2,180.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,308.00Sale Price
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