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ANCELLM / Padded Quilting Collarless Jacket

ANCELLM / Padded Quilting Collarless Jacket

-Original quilted cotton material is used.

-This is a collarless haori.

※Haori is a half-length Japanese coat.

-The color is applied to the fabric, peeled off, painted on, and peeled off.

-By repeating the process over and over again, we created a look with depth that appears to be layered.

-While also retaining warmth,

The thickness is also changed to a thickness that can be used as innerwear for outerwear.

-The paint which is slightly visible when used as an inner layer is a key point of this wearable piece.

- Material:front fabric / cotton 100% shell / polyester 100%

-Made in Japan

*Size 1: Length 70 / Shoulder 58cm / Width 67cm / Sleeve 59cm

*Size 2: Length 72cm / Shoulder 60cm / Width 69cm / Sleeve 60.5cm

    Color: Black
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