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ANCELLM / Marbling Sweat Shirt

ANCELLM / Marbling Sweat Shirt

-The sweatshirt was produced using a new dyeing method.

-The material is an original reproduction of the back hair produced in the 1950s and 1960s.

-By knitting slowly on a hang knitting machine,

-The random small bumps are exposed to create a unique marbled effect,

-Loops are expressed.

-By using air-spun yarn,  so, the hard it will be at first.

-The more you wear it, the more the texture increases.

-There are only a very few hang knitting machines in Wakayama(in Japan) that can produce this yarn,

-It is said to be difficult to reproduce once the other fabric is knitted.

-The best material is used,

-The pattern for enhances the feel of the garment,

-And first-class processing is applied,

-The result is a finish with a strong sense of presence.

-The unique dyeing method, which looks like a mixture of two colours, is used to produce the garments.

-Inspired by abstract art.

-I proceeded with the process.

-It is a unique piece of clothing.

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 2: Length 67cm / Shoulder 57cm /Width 66cm / Sleeve 66cm

*Size 3: Length 69cm / Shoulder 59cm /Width 68cm / Sleeve 67.5cm

    Color: Navy / Black
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