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ANCELLM / Hickory Painter Pants

ANCELLM / Hickory Painter Pants

-Hickory with uneven colour exstractions.

-ANCELLM is characterised by the unevenness of the rubbed colour and the further shading caused by the processing.

-The colour changes depending on the angle of view and shows an unprecedented expression.

-Enjoy the unique look of ANCELLM.

-The more you wear them, the more crumbly they become. The more you wear them, the more they will become soft and comfortable, and grow into a very wearable pair.

-Wear them loosely,

Wearing them as if they were torn at the hems is also recommended.

-Made in Japan

-Material:cotton 100%

*Size 1: Waist 86 / Rise 28 / Inseam 70.5 / Thigh 39 / Hem Width 28.8

*Size 1: Waist 90 / Rise 28.5 / Inseam 72.5 / Thigh 40 / Hem Width 29.8

    HK$2,450.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,470.00Sale Price
    Color: Indigo Stripe
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