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ANCELLM / Doublegauze Pajama Shirt

ANCELLM / Doublegauze Pajama Shirt

-Double gauze fabric.


-original colors.

-Pajama shirts have the image of being produced with beautiful materials.

-The gauze material was chosen from a different approach.

-By taking a larger silhouette,

The shirt has an atmosphere that does not look like pyjamas.

-Each piece is processed by hand.

-Even at the finish, the shirt does not look flat,

It is an ambitious work that adds a hand.

-Because the shirt has shrunk considerably due to washing,

-The piping is a bit worn.

-We have thought of a way to improve it a little for the actual production,

I think it will reduce the creasing.


*Size 1: Length 69.5cm / Shoulder 59cm /Width 67.5cm / Sleeve 61.5cm

*Size 2: Length 71.5cm / Shoulder 61cm /Width 69.5cm / Sleeve 63cm

    Color: Navy
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