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ANCELLM / Doublegauze Crash LS Shirt

ANCELLM / Doublegauze Crash LS Shirt


it's original colors.

-Due to the double gauze,

When only the front side is torn, it looks like a stratum,

This is a garment that expresses firmly the depth that is its forte.

-Aiming to be the most familiar shirt that you find yourself holding in your hand and wearing,

The sizing and silhouette are created with a pattern.

-The collar is flexible, and the collar can be worn like an open-collared shirt or like a normal shirt.

-The processing is also done by hand one by one.

-Even the finish does not look flat, It is an ambitious work that has added a hand.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 1: Length 78cm / Shoulder 63.5cm / Chest 69cm / Sleeve 60.5cm

*Size 2: Length 80cm / Shoulder 65.5cm / Chest 71cm / Sleeve 62cm

    Color: Green
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