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ANCELLM / Crash Selvedge Denim Straight 5P Pants

ANCELLM / Crash Selvedge Denim Straight 5P Pants

-5-pocket denim trousers in 13oz selvedge denim.

-The denim has the characteristic VINTAGE DENIM with ears,

Woven on an old-style shuttle loom over time.

-Adopts a fabric with a beautiful surface expression.

-The silhouette has a roomy waist, The silhouette is set in a silhouette close to straight.

-Although the silhouette is made with a twist,

The pattern has been set to create a balance that does not require coordination.

-This denim is processed in ANCELLM's own unique way.

-Each denim is rubbed one by one by the hands of craftsmen,

The vintage look and feel of the denim has been finished with a design feel.

-Enjoy the well-balanced crushed atmosphere.

-The overall harmony has created a look with depth.

-We think it will grow up from here depending on who wears it.

-Material: 100% Cotton

-Made in Japan

*Size 2: Waist 87cm / Rise 31cm / Inseam 71cm / Thigh 35.5cm /Hem 24cm

*Size 3: Waist 91cm / Rise 31.5cm / Inseam 73cm / Thigh 36.5cm /Hem 25cm

    Color: Indigo
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