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ANCELLM / Crash Denim Jacket Type 2

ANCELLM / Crash Denim Jacket Type 2

-We produced denim jacket.

-Made of 13oz denim.

-The material was carefully selected for its beautiful unevenness.

-By changing the yarn count and needle count in different areas,

-The whole piece is finished so that it doesn't look flat.

-The pattern also deepens the understanding of VINTAGE.

-While deepening the understanding of VINTAGE in the pattern, while daring to remove or incorporate

-We are finishing it up.

-Once the colors are removed, the core colors of INDIGO/BLACK fabric remain and

-By adding a lot of beautiful colors,

-We were able to create a beautiful color with depth.

-The stitches and the colouring are difficult to convey in the photos.

-Please check the actual product the depth and colour created by  processing.


*Size 2: Length 64cm / Shoulder 59cm /Width 64.5cm / Sleeve 61cm

*Size 3: Length 66cm / Shoulder 61cm /Width 66.5cm / Sleeve 62.5cm

    HK$3,240.00 Regular Price
    HK$2,268.00Sale Price
    Color: Black
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