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ANCELLM / C/Velvet Zip Up Jacket

ANCELLM / C/Velvet Zip Up Jacket

-By softening the base color of the fabric with a special wash and expressing depth with post-processing,

-You can enjoy the color change depending on the viewing angle.

-The washed finish also gives it softness.

-It does not give a flat impression even when viewed from various angles.

-By intentionally switching the pattern, the materials and processing stand out even more.

-Comfort has also been taken into account.

-We have created an interesting piece that looks like leather.

-All processing is done under sunlight to check the sexiness with the craftsmen.

-Minor adjustments have been made to bring out beautiful colors.

-*Due to the material, it wrinkles easily, so

-We recommend that you iron it thoroughly.

-Made in Japan

-Material:pile / cotton 100% ground / rayon 60% , cotton 40%

*Size 2: Length 67cm / Shoulder 60cm / Width 65cm / Sleeve 60.5cm

*Size 3: Length 69cm / Shoulder 62cm / Width 67cm / Sleeve 62cm

    HK$2,950.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,770.00Sale Price
    Color: Navy
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