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ANCELLM / Aging Painter Pants

ANCELLM / Aging Painter Pants

-Light-ounce painted trousers.

-The silhouette is almost straight,

The pattern has been adjusted to take advantage of the light-ounce material.

-We added processing it difficult to achieve this in normal wear and tried to create something that would be good to have like this.

-Each piece is processed by hand by a craftsman.

-The color ratio of the stain has been tested and arrived at.

-Every colors have a deep and profound finish.

-Made in Japan

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 1: Waist 85cm / Rise 32cm / Inseam 68.5cm / Thigh 38cm /Hem 27.5cm

*Size 2: Waist 89cm / Rise 32.5cm / Inseam 70.5cm / Thigh 40cm /Hem 28.5cm

    Color: Indigo
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