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ANCELLM / Aging Crash Selvedge Denim Straight 5P Pants

ANCELLM / Aging Crash Selvedge Denim Straight 5P Pants

-13oz selvedge denim 5-pocket denim pants.

-The denim has ears, which is a characteristic of VINTAGE DENIM.

-Weaving takes time on an old shuttle loom.

-We use fabric with a beautiful surface appearance.

-Although it has a slightly twisted silhouette,

-The pattern is designed to create a balance that goes well with any coordination.

-By adding areas that would not show up during normal wear,

It has been finished with a design that gives it a vintage feel.

-Each piece is rubbed one by one by the hands of a craftsman,

By adding a well-balanced stain,

Creates a three-dimensional look.

-This is a piece of work that was made possible through discussions with the processing craftsmen.

-This time, the sexiness is gray,

We are changing the way we look.

-Added the hole damage vertically to simulate the way it would be caught when worn.


-Material:cotton 100%

*Size 2: Waist 86cm / Rise 30.5cm / Inseam 72cm / Thigh 34cm / Hem 23cm

*Size 3: Waist 90cm / Rise 31cm / Inseam 74cm / Thigh 35cm /Hem 24cm

    HK$2,850.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,995.00Sale Price
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