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ANCELLM / 2 Tone Aging Hoodie

ANCELLM / 2 Tone Aging Hoodie

-This 2TONE hoodie combines different coloured fabrics.

-The material is characterised by its soft touch.

-Attention has been paid to details such as the position of the switch when worn,

-The pattern has been produced with an awareness of the feeling of wearing it so that it does not look too much like old clothes.

-By dyeing both colors,

The tone is calmed down.

-Material:cotton 100%

*Size 1: Length 68 cm / Shoulder 64cm /Width 63cm /Sleeve 58cm

*Size 2: Length 70 cm / Shoulder 66cm /Width 65cm /Sleeve 59.5cm

    Color: Ecru / Black
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