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EEL PRODUCTS / Coten Shirts

EEL PRODUCTS / Coten Shirts

-This shirt was designed with the image of a situation where an artist who usually stays in his atelier wears it when he stands at a solo exhibition.
-Based on the same brand's standard atelier shirt, the material and stitching are of a higher grade, and the overall size has been changed to a looser fit.
-Chambray is a densely woven cotton-based blend of linen and rayon.

95% cotton, 3% linen, 2% rayon
*Size M: Length 80cm / Shoulder width 52cm / Width 66cm /Sleeve length 62cm
*Size L: Length 82cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Width 68cm /Sleeve length 63cm

    HK$1,560.00 Regular Price
    HK$936.00Sale Price
    Color: Indigo
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