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INTERIM / 40's Mil Baggy Zipped Used Shuttle Denim Trousers

INTERIM / 40's Mil Baggy Zipped Used Shuttle Denim Trousers

-Wide straight jeans using 13oz selvedge denim made from USA cotton.  Following the form of military trousers in the 1940s, it expresses a baggy silhouette that falls down to the hem.  -Black only, light color with used processing is also available.  The stitching thread uses core spun thread that fades moderately with the fabric.  It has both a natural look and durability.  You can enjoy the details such as the original piss name of 100% rayon and the bar without a cap, which is said to be almost nonexistent.

-Uses 13oz slub denim fabric from cotton USA, which has been in development for a long time in domestic weavers.  Cotton grown in a warm region called the "Cotton Belt" that spans 17 states in the southern part of the United States has less fluff, is lustrous, and has a pleasant texture and excellent durability.  With the image of "regular jeans at a second-hand clothing store", we have expressed a natural bite and color fading without shaving.

-Material: 100% Cotton

*Size 4: Waist 80 / Rise 32 / Subsidiaries 72 / Watari 35 / Hem width 25

*Size 5: Waist 84 / Rise 33 / Subsidiaries 73 / Watari 36 / Hem width 26

*Size 5: Waist 88 / Rise 34 / Subsidiaries 74 / Watari 37 / Hem width 27

    HK$1,950.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,365.00Sale Price
    Color: U.Black
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